Time to re-energize that weight loss resolution!

At the beginning of the year, everyone had New Year resolutions they wanted to achieve. However, despite starting the year all pumped up to stay healthy, they lose focus on what they wanted to achieve. Studies have shown that about 80% of all New Year resolutions are out of the window by the third month.

But you still have that desire to keep fit or live a healthier lifestyle. The question is what do you do to get back on the wagon?

Summer is fast approaching and you want to fit into that cute bikini you bought. All is not over, there is hope. With Image Weight Loss Centers, you get personalized programs that specifically fit your goals. According to John of IWLC, focusing on getting healthy from the inside out should be one goal. To achieve the goal one can opt for alkalizing, detoxing and balancing hormones naturally. As a result you will start to experience amazing weight loss within a very short period of time.

It does not matter what your goals are, you must keep your eyes on the goal. Tiffany mentions that your body is what you eat. Hence one must be keen on what they put into their body. Before consuming anything, always ask yourself what is this going to produce? Is it going to boost your energy or will it make you sluggish? “Constantly eating heavy carbs and sugars will not boost your energy but rather make you feel sluggish”, John explains.

Starting a new diet can be difficult. Do not be in a rush to jump into a diet. Many who do so are unable to maintain it and end up quitting. John advises to start slow by throwing out unhealthy food items and replacing them with healthier alternatives. Start by eating a fruit on a daily basis and the rest will follow.

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